Thursday, October 16, 2008

Margherita Pizza

Oh boy, looking at these pictures is making my stomach grumble. Now that I have discovered the wonders of homemade pizza, there may be quite a few of these types of updates. After transplanting my basil plant to a bigger container, it finally grew, so now I have lots of basil too! When I was contemplating what to do with it, I decided on a margherita pizza: a little more exciting than plain cheese but still simple.

There's no real recipe here. I rolled out some of Mitch's Pizza Dough, mixed an 8 oz can of tomato sauce with some Italian seasoning, covered the dough with the sauce (we used leftovers to dip the crust in), sprinkled on some mozzarella cheese and some sliced Roma tomatoes and chiffonaded basil. I threw it in a 450-degree oven for about 10 minutes.

I honestly don't know if there is a more beautiful sight in the world than real, non-greasy delivery pizza.


Peter said...

Awesome, I see you have the corn meal on the bottom of the crust.

Now... bake the same crust with huge amounts of cheese, sausage, and olive oil, and you have something like a Chicago

MrsSchoon said...

Mmm I love margherita pizza!

Laura P. said...

this is my favorite kind of pizza! I highly recommend you sub sun-dried tomatoes for the juicy kind...oh so good! : )

That Girl said...

There is something so fresh about margherita pizza

Anonymous said...

I've been experimenting with pizza myself using this recipe for the dough:
I'm not good with flour and such, so I'm always surprised when it actually rises. I don't have a bread machine...but you can mix this up in the food processor. I wouldn't call it health food, but definitely a better option than store bought or delivery.

Cate said...

That looks DIVINE with the basil all over it!