Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 Foods You Should Always Splurge On

I am in love with Google. I use Gmail, read all my blogs on Reader, blog on Blogger, and organize my photos with Picasa. I started using Google Reader when I was planning my wedding so that I could efficiently keep up with about 10 different blogs. I slowly added on some food and local blogs as well. Now that I'm fully entrenched in food blogging, I'm ashamed to tell people how many blogs I keep track of. The beautiful thing is that Google Reader will recommend even more blogs for you to read! Through this remarkable tool, I discovered Cheap Healthy Good. Now that is a blog name I can get behind. Not only is their information helpful, but it is relayed with a particular wit and humor. I found the following article to be absolutely brilliant and suggest you read it thoroughly.

10 Foods You Should Always Splurge On

"With that in mind, here are ten edibles on which you might want to splurge.

10) Coffee. The disparity between cheap, bulk, pre-ground joe and a pound of fresh beans from Dunkin Donuts is immeasurable. One is bitter, weak, and flavored with evil, while the other (for a few dollars more) will keep you awake, happy, and gastrointestinally balanced for hours. If my office replaced their bottom-dollar devil’s brew with … well, anything, I bet worker efficiency would increase tenfold."

And the list goes on.

The foods that I will splurge on are as follows:
  • olive oil (not the $50 kind, but not the $3 kind either)
  • wine
  • cheese
  • canned tomatoes
  • good, fresh produce, especially locally-grown peaches or strawberries

What are your splurges?


Liz said...

Great article!

I think Whole Foods generic-brand olive oil is a really good deal. Have you tried it?

KMAYS said...

Liz - I haven't tried that, but I'll keep it in mind. I normally shop at my local Kroger and get their more upscale store-brand Private Selection.

Peter said...

I've seen bags of Dunkin Donuts coffee on sale at Costco... is it any good? What kinds of beans are they? How deeply are they roasted?

Jing said...

Love this blog - and so many other food blogs... Thanks for the food blog tip.

Have you read smitten kitchen? or pioneer woman cooks? love them too...

my splurges:
fruit - esp exotic fruit
wine - nothing beats a bottle of wine with dinner - even if dinner is Chipotle

ps. congrats on the wedding ;-) - you looked gorgeous in your photos

KMAYS said...

Peter, I've heard Dunkin Donuts coffee is good, though I don't know much about it. See the original post where someone might be able to answer your questions. Joe and I buy Community Coffee because a) it's good chicory coffee b) it's from NOLA and c) it's very affordable.

Jing, I read Pioneer Woman but not Smitten Kitchen (yet!). Totally with you on fruit and wine.

Lesley said...

I don't drink coffee, but the SO swears by DD.

That list certainly encompasses my splurges...but I'd expand it to other oils that aren't your generics baking oils.

Also, good herbs and spices. Good vanilla!

And, um, oh yeah--bread. Yummy whole grain bread (from Provence in Nashville, for example).

Actually, just about all food I buy is splurgey.